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Destination themed audiobooks for road trips?

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I've always loved a good road trip, and the whole family appreciates a good audiobook, so whenever we have an upcoming vacation I like to geek out by finding the perfect book that is set in the area we'll be visiting. 

When we drove to Texas we listened to "The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate." "The Penderwicks" was perfect for driving out to a the New England cottage, there was a Magic Tree House book about the Civil War when we went to Gettysburg, etc. 

We have two trips coming up soon and I could use suggestions for either destination: first to Chicago, then to Alabama. Know of any good books set in either of these locations? 

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There's A Long Way from Chicago, but from what I understand, it's about kids who grew up in Chicago going to visit their grandmother on an Illinois farm. But since you'll be driving through lots of farmland, maybe it'd be a good fit?


The Devil in the White City is written for adults about the Chicago World Fair in the 1800s, but according to this review, you might not object to it if your kids aren't sensitive to violence.


I've heard Alabama Moon described as a modern day Huck Finn story.


I also found a non-fiction travel series titled Alabama - Travelogue by State.

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