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On homeschooling being protective: The protective part isn't the sheltering (although that can be a comfort at times). The protective part is the chronic exposure to love, values, beauty, truth and valor. That's internal shielding, and a weapon against darkness of all shapes and sizes. - Critter


Worth repeating.

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I do not need a kitten. 

Today was a first. I got out to the chicken pen and the rooster met me at the gate. Not nicely--he was pecking and scolding me the whole time. I was late in bringing the birds into the garage, and he was evidently worried about it. He practically ran the hens in the pen, got in himself and didn't fuss while I carried the group inside.

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Well, I took my short person northward to Awana. After dropping her off at the church, I ran into the grocery store for 1/2 and 1/2. And then DH called and told me that the highway was closed because of a mudslide. Which we apparently just missed. (Thank you, Jesus.)


So I went back to church to pick the short person up early (happily, she had already finished the Cubbie lesson, since it was her week to teach) and came home on one of the back roads. Which was okay in the light but I would NOT have wanted DH to have to drive it at night. OOF. There is flooding everywhere, ponding on the roads, and the roads are just crumbling. Oy vey, what a winter this was!

What an adventure! I'm glad you made it home alright.


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He did not die.


Have you noticed that taking the first letter of each syllable of his name makes MTV? I just noticed that.

No, he did not die. But I'm imagining something similar, but where the molecules don't rearrange just right. My mind wanders. Now I'm thinking about Star Trek.

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So, our district is calling a half-day snow day tomorrow so there can be a save our schools rally at the legislature. We have 8 snow days built in the schedule and we've only used one, so it will not take away from  yearly instructional hours. They decided on doing a half day instead of a full day, because we have so many students on free and reduced meals, they wanted to make sure the students had the opportunity of having two meals at school.


Apparently, I am awake.


That is all.

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Happy Birthday, Lynn!!




I hope you have a great day!



Happy Birthday, Lynn! :party:





Thank you!  What a sweet surprise this morning - birthday wishes all around!  And the Epic birthday song again!  Wow, that was epic!    

Edited by Another Lynn
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