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another addition of "d'oh! moments of a home school failure"


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Totally tongue in cheek folks but seriously there are days I have my worries.  My kids have made these spectacular mix ups that have become running jokes in our family about how well we home school.  Yesterday my oldest added one to the list that has us returning to kindergarten knowledge for a bit.

SO driving to the city yesterday we happened to drive by a farm with lambs out.  My dd15 was exclaiming over their cuteness, and we then talked for a moment about the lambs I took my daycare kids to see earlier this month and a reminder of their friend (also a homeschooler), who's goats kidded 2 days before the warm weather came and it was too cold for them to be outside they had all the baby goats in the livingroom.  So we are just chatting away and ds16 suddenly pipes up with a comment out of left field along the lines of "if the females are called sheep, and the males are called goats, what are the babies called?"  I thought he was just kidding at first, and then learned he really wasn't.  He had a total brain fart moment and thought they were the same species.  So we then the talk was turned to listing females and males of each species and what the babies are called.  I know we did this in Kindergarten but apparently he needed a refresher course.  He now knows a female sheep is an ewe and a male is a ram....not a goat rofl

So yeah that is my most recent home school failure moment....what has yours been?

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Dd 12 was surprised to learn that you use shampoo before the conditioner.


Really! Apparently, she has always done it the other way around.



We JUST went through this!!!


And he still mixes up sheep and goats. Recently he misidentified a camel as a horse. ?!? I blame it on his disinterest in animals as a preschooler. ;)

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