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Denise Mira and Sonya Shafer- opinions on their conference speaking?

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Sonya Shafer is an excellent speaker, just as a speaker.  Her content is intentionally motivational, so I think a variety of styles of hs'er would find it useful.  That said, her 2nd session I went to bored me to tears and overlapped with the first.  I have bad character (extreme impatience) and left.  


At least go to one.  Beyond that, well when I go to conventions I mark my choices and sit at the back if I'm in doubt and slip out.  You'll probably find some new favs when you get there.  Nuts, I went to a session once, thinking it was on teaching reading, and the woman was saying all these great things about teaching our kids patience, perservering, etc. etc., and turned out she was selling ART curriculum!   :lol:  I was in the wrong room and the reading was supposed to be next door, hehe.  Anyway, it was a great session and I later bought some of her dvds!  :)


I have no clue who Denise Mira is.  You can always plan your snack then and if you don't find the session helpful slip out when you're done with your snack.

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