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6-year-old's poems and short story. Suggestions to help her develop her writing further?


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This is the unedited short story my 6-year-old wrote for fun recently. 




Once upon a time there were two wizards who lived together in a little, cozy hut. Their names were Collin and Dylan. Their hut was a magic hut that was in Magiville. Wizards, elves, and fairies lived there too. All the things in Magiville were magic! One day, Collin and Dylan went for a walk together. Suddenly, a big, gray wolf sprang out. But Collin and Dylan were not afraid. They took out their magic wands, and POOF! they turned the wolf into a cat, and brought him home. They named him John. They bought a magic collar, and taught him to do magic tricks. Then the mayor wizard announced that there would be a pet contest. The two wizards put their pet in the pet contest. Their cat won! They earned a magic cup. And that is the end.



A couple of months ago, we were on a plane and she started singing in a loud voice. I hurriedly hushed her, and a few minutes later, she handed me this poem she wrote on the spot:


Never disturb


Never disturb a child who is singing,

Because, you know, it's really quite cute,

Even though you wish she had a button that said............




She loves reading poetry, and, after reading some books on haiku poetry, she wrote these:




green on tree trunk

soft on skin ---

moss growing





summer morning ---

in a still pond

tadpoles swimming



We are currently halfway through WWE 2, and she seems to find it easy, but she loves doing it. She is a voracious reader and natural speller, and seemed to have picked up correct grammar and punctuation just from her reading. So, my question is, is there anything else I can do to help develop her writing skills?


Thanks for reading!

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Does she have any friends or siblings who enjoy writing, or other publishable creative things?  

One of my kids, for a season, put together a magazine.  Each child in her friend group, along with their parents and siblings, was invited to create a page (or more) for any upcoming issue.  We decided how many copies we would make, say 20, and then each contributor made 20 copies of their page(s) and gave them to us by the issue's deadline.  We then met up with a few contributors, usually just before an activity we had in common, so that some of the kids could collate the issue and staple it together.  Copies then were given to "subscribing"/contributing families as we encountered them at various activities in the next week or so; one copy per family to minimize expenses.

Some of the kids wrote, some did drawings, some did news reports, some created games.  There were advice columns and mini foreign language lessons and fashion spreads.  Moms contributed recipes and other family-friendly content.  A page could contain just one item (such as a poem) or several related (or unrelated) items.  Some families created a single page with contributions from several family members on the same page; other families had each child make their own page.  One person per issue was given the responsibility (and honor!) of creating the cover.

We drew on friends from many social groups and activities to contribute, rather relying on just a few families.  Most of the expenses were borne by the contributors; we provided a good stapler and staples.  (We stapled the pages with three staples down the left side; contributors left a margin to allow for this.)

We kept the activity, and the content, as child-led as possible.  While we took it seriously, we didn't impose adult standards or take over the project from the kids.  We facilitated, rather than dictated, which gave the kids maximum ownership of the decisions and the final product.  

It was a really great activity for the whole group, and my child enjoyed the "management" tasks they took on.  It was a project well worth facilitating.

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2girls&mom your 6 year old has done a fair job. She has good imagination.
My daughter is the oldest, among us family friends. She has lots of younger kids, who look up to her, for inspiration.  :laugh:  She likes writing short stories for them. 

At school, she gets bit conscious.  I got her a book of rhymes. Hoping she will take a cue and start some poems for me.

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