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My public apology


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No worries. I enjoyed the thread, especially the Alien, Dinosaur, and Watermelon parts. I think we all grow from hashing out our ideas/differences, when done with grace and humor.  


Have an awesome day everyone, no matter how or when you were created or evolved!

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Moxie, it takes a lot to apologize publicly. I didn't get to comment in the other thread for lack of time, but I thought, if nothing else, your son handled things very maturely.


I am sorry your family has had a hard time finding people who are a good fit. We are not Catholic but do understand a lot of what you were saying. I wish you lived closer to us because I think we'd get along quite well, and the belief issues would be small things where we'd agree to disagree and leave it at that, and our kids could hang out together.

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I totally understood your frustration and need to vent.


I also think it shows maturity to step back and say you misspoke.


I also wish to thank you for the opportunity to rehash the happy herbivore T-Rex and remind everyone that Ole Ham-hock is, at best, a few melons short of a patch or, if we ascribe more sinister motives, a few tractor beams shy of an alien invasion.

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I never really thought you needed to apologize, but I understand it.


We all have our times/issues when we might be a little less of a mom than the parenting magazines feel we should be.  It's helpful that we all have them, otherwise there'd be way too much criticism from those who don't.  When it's a throw the first stone deal, many of us just look into our memories!


Now, my main beef is you started the thread when I didn't have a whole lot of time to be sticking with it because my college boys are home on spring break.  I had to spend oodles of time when I was on catching up, and by then, many comments I could have made were pointless.  Next time you want to start a pages long thread, can you send me a pm checking with my schedule first?   :smilielol5:



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