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"All Through the Ages" out-of-print?

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I prefer the printed book. But that's a personality thing, I think. I like to be able to flip forward and back with ease, to put tabs on sections, to do my planning away from a computer, ect. I also use a pen and paper planner!


But its a reference book, so it's not like you sit reading it for hours on end. If you are a computer person in general, and do a lot of your planning on a computer anyways, I'm sure the ebook would be fine.

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May I offer something?


 If you can get a copy of ATTA, it would be a good idea. Reason: when I tried to put mine to use, various times over several years, most of the books were OOP. I ended up using other books in the library or recommendations. Basically, I didn't need the resource.


 If your library has many of the books you want to use, and you can't find a copy, let me know. I'll check to see if I still have my (old) copy) and you are welcomed to it. just email me off the board.



 FWIW: I've found that several resource books like that are out dated as far as what's in the library anymore, what's current and interesting, and what books might be listed in guides. ATTA and Truthquest guides were not working for me, in regard to availability.


 However, with just one child in our family, I wasn't hunting book sales to keep these books in my personal library. So, it might be a different story for you. :)

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