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Music Composers Networking

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I have a thirteen-year-old who is getting quite advanced in her music composition ability. Her music theory teacher has indicated that it is time to start networking with other young composers. Does anyone have any suggestions of online forums, organizations, etc.?

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My child is younger, and he shows a great interest in composition. So, we have signed him up for the "own composition" category at a few local music competitions and festivals - he has had a lot of interactions with other kids who like to compose music as well as a lot of constructive criticisms from judges.

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DS 20 is in his 2nd year of college, majoring in music composition (he added the 2nd major music technology). He's home on spring break, and I posed your question to him. He recommended http://www.youngcomposers.com/.  

Entering young composer competitions is something that I would highly recommend.  If your DD writes orchestral/concert music, I'd also recommend she get connected to a youth orchestra. With that she can have her music "read" (played during a rehearsal) and possibly premiered.  Also, if she plans to pursue music composition in college, I would suggest that she create works that she can have played and recorded to go into a portfolio for college submissions.  Yes, they do ask for scores and recordings of the scores when applying to composition programs.  In most cases, the colleges/universities/conservatories require applicants to audition on an instrument in addition to submitting a portfolio. 


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