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Online science for 1st grader?

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My daughter really wants a fun online science program. She loves science and we're finding out that online works really well for her. We recently joined Time4Learning and she is doing great with it, but she already blew through their 1st grade science. They only had 22 lessons, but she did them in 4 days. She doesn't like the 2nd grade science on T4L as much because it stopped reading it to her and she has to read it herself. She can read at a 3rd-4th grade level, she just doesn't *want* to for science. There's also only 22 lessons for 2nd grade, so even if I convince her to do it, we'll still be in this same spot in a week or so. I signed her up for Science4us but she doesn't care for that one. 


I just need something that is primarily fun to keep her interest up. The way we are doing so much better with school right now is she picks a lesson (science), then I pick a lesson, then she picks (science always!) then I pick.... I don't want her to lose her enthusiasm because she doesn't have a fun science lesson waiting between what I have her do. This will not be her only source of science. We also do RSO Life, books by topic, lapbooks from HOAC, and Magic School Bus. She really loves science and can't get enough. But she's a bit picky about what she wants in her online program. So can anyone point us to an option she might like? Fun, interactive, movie-like, read to her. And laid out lessons seem to appeal to her more than picking from a topic list with no indication of what "should" be next or has been done already, but we can probably work around this one. Oh and secular only, please.

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