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Anyone have experience with an older book called Simply Phonics?


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Here are some threads I found by searching through the archives.  Some of the mentions are brief.


Simply Phonics by Shoelace Books?


 Which Phonics did you LOVE or Hate, and why?


Shoelace Books and Spelling Wisdom ??'s!


100 Easy Lessons...what next?


What have you used to teach reading?


Simply Spelling Questions




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I liked the beginning part for learning letter sounds (my son enjoyed the animal stories) but it didn't work for us after that. It also frustrated me that there was no TOC. Maybe in later editions she added one. Not a huge thing, but it definitely would have been handy at times.

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It's by Laurie Hicks.  I found a copy at a used book store and I was wondering if anyone had any advice about it.  Pros/Cons?  It looks pretty interesting so I picked it up and now I can't really find any info on it.  TIA!




Well, if you can hold it in your hand and review it, what do *you* think? Could you teach it? How would your dc receive it? Is it phonics? Or sight-reading camouflaged as phonics?

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