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NCAA approved curriculum help please ( English and Spanish)

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I have a rising JR this coming up Fall. He is a competitive swimmer and we live 30 miles from the training facility and to say that the commute and practice schedule is grueling is an understatement. The past 2 years we have used a small private Christian school for several classes daily. However, with the intensity of the schedule, my son would like to complete more of his classes at home this coming up Fall. Can you advise me specifically of any English III ( American Lit) and Spanish I and II courses/ materials that the NCAA has accepted for you? I have all of his other classes already figured out... just stumped on these 2. 





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Ugh.  Third time's the charm, I hope.


We used the following which were approved by NCAA:

9th - Literary Lessons from Lord of the Rings

10th - Laurel Tree Tutorials HS Composition (she's taking a baby break)

CC for 11th-12th.  Ds took American Literature at CC and they used this text.  If it's good enough for CC, it's good enough for NCAA.


  • EDITION:   8TH 13
  • ISBN:   9780393918861



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