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how to improve reading comprehension *scores* the standardized test way?

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I'm so frustrated. I've always hated those standardized test reading comprehension questions that say, "what do you think the main theme is?", "what is the author trying to say", "what is the most important sentence?" you get the drift. My oldest who is a senior in high school doesn't do well on those kind of questions and apparently now neither does my 5th child, 4th grader. They are in school this year (for the first time) and their teachers are very disappointed in them (and yet the 4th grader tested reading at a 6th grade level, and gets consistent 9/10s on the computerized testing of the actual books he reads). We've always done narration and dictation, and the books they've read (or articles that they're interested in) and they've always been able to tell me in great detail what they've read.


but the test thing. how do you improve that?

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We had good luck with Reading Detective, too. My kids didn't LOVE it, but they didn't hate it either. It definitely gave them some practice answering those multiple choice reading comprehension questions, and we could see the results this year on the Stanford test.


Good luck :)



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The method that improved reading speed/comprehension/standardized test questions in my oldest (we are talking almost 10 pts on the ACT) was "re-tells."


He started with 1 min re-tells. You give them something to read and the read it as fast as they can for 1 min and then re-tell you what it said. They practice that for a week. Then you progress to 2 mins for a couple of weeks. Finally progressing to 5 mins. When you hit the 5 min mark, after they re-tell what they read, you ask the sort of comprehension questions you are mentioning.


My ds was a slow reader until this training.

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