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2 days in Raleigh - what would you do?


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Dh has an interview in Raleigh on Friday, and 13 yo dd and I are tagging along to check out the area. We're looking for some fun things to do while we're there, and I thought I'd check in with locals to see what's recommended. 


Dd is a huge history buff, but we're open to anything fun. We'd also like to drive around to get a feel for the area - what areas would you recommend checking out? Are there certain locations that have homeschool teen activities? 



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Raleigh has several excellent museums with free admission. I highly recommend the NC Museum of Natural Science, the NC history museum and the NC art museum. There is also a homeschooling store in Raleigh off of Glenwood Ave. called The Homeschool Gathering Place which is great if there is a curriculum you'd like to check out in person and they have a big used section of curriculum as well. I hope you have a great time in Raleigh!

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I'd go to the downtown free museums.  One is history and the other is science.



They are literally across a sidewalk from each other.  That would give you at least Friday.  Both have food inside for sale but expensive.


There is a Hurricanes game Friday night (hockey).  Looks like NCSU has a home baseball game, and a home basketball game.


I'd say I'd meet you but we won't be in town this weekend...

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Agree with the suggestion for the museums downtown and the Homeschool Gathering Place.


If you are into driving a bit, there are lots of options like the Durham Museum of Life and Science and the Moorehead Planetarium in Chapel Hill.  I would probably just stay in Raleigh for 2 days though.  If you were going for a long weekend or a few more days, checking out the surrounding areas would be good.

When we've considered relocating in the past, we have driven around some neighborhoods, etc. to get at least a little familiar with housing options, prices, neighborhoods.  That way if you have to start looking for a home to rent or buy, you have *some* level of familiarity vs none at all.


There's a flea market on weekends at the fairgrounds in Raleigh.  Just something else if you have time to kill.


The Triangle is a great area; I miss it!

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