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SOTW 3 Early Modern - Help With Scheduling 36 Weeks

Parkway Academy

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I'm in a grammar stage SOTW group, but I'm the only independent homeschooler.  The rest of the families homeschool under an umbrella charter that follows a 36-week school year schedule.  With our SOTW 2 book, I went through all 40+ chapters and grouped some like chapters so that we could fit everything into a 36 week schedule.  Or, not necessarily similar chapters, but maybe two chapters back-to-back that were shorter chapters, or didn't have as many outside readings and/or activities.  Ideally, it would be nice to just do one chapter per week, but in order to have everyone working together, there are some weeks where we must study more than one SOTW chapter.  Has anyone else already done this for Early Modern Times?  I'm feeling tired and stretched, and if anyone is willing to share how they separated 42 chapters into 36 weeks, I would be most grateful.  :-)

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