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Alternative college options...

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I saw KINSA post on the thread linked below and I hope she doesn't mind but I am cross posting for those with kids that might be interested in or need an alternative college option.  I hope others might post if they have seen anything useful/helpful in their neck of the woods...



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Hmm, I had never thought to notice which technical colleges are state and which are private around here.  Here's a list of career testing sites I collected reading through threads on the board.  One of them, the ISeek, generates career suggestions for straight from high school, with 2 year, with 4 year, and with grad school.  That was really interesting.  Turns out, by personality, dd would actually make MORE money going with their "with high school diploma" suggestion rather than any of her 4 year degree options!  And if you want to chuckle, the with high school diploma suggestion was Corrections Officer.  That was #1.  #2 suggestion?  High school teacher.   :lol:   :lol:  :lol:   We had a good laugh about that!  




Home - Follow Your Calling



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