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'Generic' Literature curriculum?

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is there a 'generic' literature curriculum or a literary analysis study with a set of 'generic' questions, activities, essay topics and things to do that would be suitable for practically any (or, at least, many) literature books or novels used in literature classes? The idea being that you can choose any book, not just a book on a pre-determined literature book list with a ready made study guide, and then just use the curriculum questions, activities, and essay topics with it?


I know that Connect the Thoughts does have a 'generic' Reading curriculum, but it's pretty basic, not quite the same as what I am looking for although it is a good start. What the CTT curriculum mainly is a way to track and give credit for independent reading, with a credit system to rate each book based on difficulty level, along with a very limited way of keeping track of the child's reading (just a record of pages read when and a short book report) to make sure that the child actually reads.


Here is the direct link to Connect the Thoughts verision if anyone is interested in that:



However I really want something more than that - something that incorporates literary analysis as would be done in a high school or college level (university) literature class. But not just with a ready made book list and a study guide for each book, I want this to be useable with any book. Is there anything like that?


Preferably something that is at level AP / IB / A-level / college prep, but adaptable. Thank you!

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Might I suggest SWB's "Well-Educated Mind"...


It has everything you asked for.  She kindly includes some samplings for each genre, but you are in no way confined to use them for your literary analysis for that specific genre.  You can chose whatever you want.


It is most definitely college-level, and along with a dictionary, a thesaurus, and a MLA style book, this is the one I'll send my dc to college with.





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