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Who's going to tackle Monday with Me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Jean, I hope you feel better.  I got my first good night's sleep in awhile last night.  


I just wanted to chime in to say that for MONTHS, I have had to correct myself after reading the header this way:  "Who's going to tackle _____day FOR me?"  




Many days could use a good tackler--one better than I!



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Jean, rest!  


On my agenda:

Print out FlyLady schedule for the week


Insist ds and dd clean out backpacks.  I can't stand paper clutter!

Grocery store


straighten hallway bookshelf 

call for screen repair for windows  (it's been 80+ degrees for the past two weeks and want the cross breeze from upstairs)

print out math and memorization flashcards for dd on card stock, if printer will let me


*If I accomplish half this list, it will be a good day!


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So sad we're getting rain yet again. I wish we could have a nice snowstorm here in the midAtlantic region.


As for me:

--meet w trainer at 11am

--school w dd (my part: history, APHG, chem, math)

--email Science Olympiad team to check on progress etc

--usual daily things and Monday chores

--grocery run

--check plans for next Monday w dsis

--research summer options w dd

--(my goal this week) start developing a transcript form for dd


First, I need to text ds a Happy Last Semester of College message :party:

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Good Morning...


Jean  :grouphug: .


The list:

  • make bed and tidy bedroom
  • tidy first floor and vacuum
  • shower and get dressed
  • put supper in the crockpot
  • school from 10-6 with a lunch break
  • dinner with family and get everyone settled in for the night
  • read and hit the hay 
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Good morning still have migraine but it's getting better, dd2 is getting sick though not sure from what

- dishes

- laundry- load in washer and dryer

- tidy house- round 1 done

- pick dd1 up from school

- meeting after school

- play practice for dd1

- dinner- meat pulled to thaw

- baths

- bedtime routine

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Ahh, Monday! Feel better ladies,  :grouphug:


So far...

take the neighbors trash out of our recycle bin and put it on top of our already full trash can.  :glare:

take out recycling


start the washer


To figure out...

Our next few weekends schedule

DD's birthday

summer vacations

camping trips

logistics for attending the home and garden show

the menu for the week


to do...

take furring strips off of the bathroom walls

start moving stuff out of the way in the junkroom for a wall to come out. 


fold laundry

put away the weekend's messes

work with the girls on getting their room in order again

start experimenting with decorations for Soon-to-be SIL's bridal shower



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Good morning!  :grouphug: Jean.

We had a very lazy weekend. The last one for a few weeks. I have quite a bit to do this week.


to do:

motivated moms list

plus mop kitchen

travel packet for weekend

school for all

oversee teens

a bit of needlepoint, if time

PM practice/aikido

leftovers for dinner


Have a great day, everyone!

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Mom2CandJ, so sorry you've still got it and dd is not feeling well! 


breakfast and lunch done

ds' schoolwork done

dd has done some and is working still

bills are paid (forgot to put this on the list)


about to go get ready for tea time with friends (Notice the all-lower case use of the letters in tea. I don't want any confusion...whatsoever!)







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