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Logic stage history

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Next year I will have a 5th an a 2nd grader. They have been doing modern history together this year. I want to keep them somewhat together next year. We will start SOTW over with my 2nd grader.


My 5th grader will use the kingfisher and Usborne history encyclopedias as guides for a timeline, but the bulk of his history will be from living books I have collected from library book sales. I plan to have him do a history timeline notebook.


What I need are fun project ideas to do together. What are your favorite history projects that would benefit a 5th grader and be fun for a 2nd grader?


I have a chicken mummy on the list already. :)


We will be on ancients.

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Mosaics are great.  Lego ziggurats and pyramids.  Wearing bedsheet togas.  Making Greek food.  Finding an Ethiopian restaurant (the food is very similar to Egyptian and Near Eastern food of the day).  Seder meal.  Blue body paint and making cardboard weapons to be Celtic warriors.  Salt dough maps - your 5th grade should paint them and make toothpick and label flags for important places.

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We liked the Roman baths!!

Oil, scrapers, tubs or baby pools with cold, tepid and warm water.



Yes on building a shaduf (water bucket lifter), anything with food, Greek/ Roman clothes.

We also liked building the model of a Roman road with all the layers and making chariots out of dishwasher or stove boxes. Watch Ben Hur!



My kids will be the same grades as yours and we are looking forward to Ancients again! Ds doesn't remember doing some of our fun stuff last time. He still took naps then!

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Here's my list for Greece, which we're doing right now. These are meant to absorb the kids' attention for a whole day at least.

Week 1: Make a salt-dough map of Greece. Discuss the making of realistic fantasy maps. Let kids design their own world.

Week 2: Make a life-size Trojan horse. Discuss principles of large scale sculpture, creating frames, layering skins on.

Week 3: Make wings and togas. Learn to use the sewing machine, follow a pattern.

Week 4: Make duct tape weaponry and armor in Greek style.

Week 5: Make papermache masks showing many emotions, put on a play.

We had a good time when I flipped the dining room table on its side, threw a blanket over it, taped posterboard to the underside, and had the kids pretend to be Egyptian tomb painters, painting on the dark interior walls of the pyramids.

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