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Uniformitatian view of Geology presenting Catasprphism

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I don't know of any modern geologists who would use the terms "uniformitarian" and "catastrophism" as worldviews like a young earth curriculum would. Geology is not one or the other.  Geologists can believe that asteroid strikes and volcanic eruptions can be "catastrophic" while still seeing "uniformitarian" processes like erosion, sedimentation, fossil formation, and continental drift in other parts of the history of the earth's crust.


The difference between worldviews comes down to particular locations:  a young earth believer has to see the Grand Canyon as a catastrophic event, while someone who has a model where a much older earth is possible can interpret it as a uniform build up of layers of sediment and the erosion of a canyon over eons.


To see how "uniform" and "catastrophic" interpretations can be compared, debated, and integrated in modern geology, you might enjoy watching the NOVA episode "Mystery of the Mega-Flood".  It's about the geology of Eastern Washington and the surrounding parts of Idaho and Montana "scab lands".  The current explanations for the landforms include both uniform (slow build up water during the ice age) and catastrophic (collapse of ice dam) components, and the NOVA episode covers the history of the debate among geologists as to how the "scab lands" came to be.  There are some websites as well: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/megaflood/, http://hugefloods.com and http://iafi.org



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I agree with Janet C. 


Also want to add that the film series with host Iain Stewart called Earth: A Biography is good.


And if your son specifically wants to read a "Uniformitarian" view book he might want to look at an 1830's book by Charles Lyell (if it is in print) or maybe look up things about it, if not still in print) Principles of Geology.  



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