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Who are those people? Why did that guy watching the tv have a different name than he did on the island? What's up with the plane in the ocean? Why are they after Ben? What is the deal with the polar bear in Tunisia and the Darma symbol? What did Walt tell Locke? etc. etc etc. I'm starting to think they will never wrap this up. They ruined Alias in the end too - after leading us on for years...

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In my Lost-obsessive buddy phillybear's weekly summary/rant on the show he dropped this epic line:


"We meet the Freighter Four, not to be confused with the Fantastic Four. These guys are closer to the Special Olympic X-Men."





I can cut and paste his whole summary every week if you want, he's the most intense Lostaholic on the planet. Very brilliant analysis actually.

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Have you checked out the find815.com website? It's almost like a whole tv-show worth of sidestory. I haven't finished watching/playing with all of it but it seems there's quite a bit of stuff about the freighter (assuming it's the same freighter, like I said, I haven't looked at all of it yet).

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