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Introductory Computer course for middle school?

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I have been asked to teach an introductory Computer Applications course for middle schoolers at our Co-op next year. We have found that students don't know the basics of working with files and folders, attaching files to emails, etc., let alone how to use Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. 


I will have 24 weeks (one hour of instruction with me, and some homework) to get these topics taught at a basic level. Does anyone have any suggestions of a published curriculum we could use? We will want it to be very hands-on. I will have a flat screen TV in my classroom to which I can connect my laptop so the students can see my demonstrations. They are supposed to each have a laptop so that they can follow along.


Or maybe a site that has some good projects laid out? I don't mind pulling together the lesson plans, but I really don't have time to completely write the instructions for projects. 


Thanks for your help!

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I was going to suggest code academy because that is what I normally suggest for middle school. :) I know Kahn academy has some stuff but have never looked. I googled and found this linkhttp://activities.macmillanmh.com/reading/treasures/stories/teachcls.htmlwhich won't let me in to really look on my fire. Grade levels are young but the topics are what you are looking for.

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Thanks for the tips - -keep them coming. I'm still investigating.


Yesterday, while talking with the director of our co-op about which elements she wants in the course, I asked about keyboarding practice. She told me that someone at one of the charter schools in our area who she is friends with told her that they have standards for typing speed for their students. Supposedly, her friend said that in order to be successful in high school, a student leaving middle school needs to be able to type 90 words per minute. Surely she misunderstood, right? 



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