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Newly HSing in Washington State...advice please

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Hello, I will be moving from *totally* laid back Idaho HSing state to Washington state. I have looked on washhomeschool.org  for general information. I have a decent idea in my head of what is needed by law. I'm just getting nervous because I haven't had to do any formal declarations or anything. Any advice from Washingtonians!? Thanks. 

Also, if we are formally residents say on March 1st, should I do the declaration this year (it's almost over) or wait until the next year. I think compiling all of the needed things and getting testing, etc. would be stressful right after a move...


ps- my son is 9 and Tourettes and Aspergers and testing would realllly stress him out right after a move. Hopefully I can wait until fall! 

Thanks Ladies

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IME the regulations sound worse than they are in practice.  We file annually with our school district in the fall as needed.  I use a form online and only give the information that is required.


We do annual testing through a local guy who puts on two half days of testing in June each year.  He also does individual assessments if parents would rather do that.  I was worried about it when my middle started testing.  He has reading delays and some other learning issues, but he did fine.  The tests scores do not need to be shown to anyone unless you decide to enroll them in public school at some point.  The only requirement is that we need to make sure that we address any deficiencies.  How it is addressed is completely up to the parent.


I would file a declaration of intent to homeschool once you move, since it is just filing a piece of paper and then you would need to file again in the fall by September 15th or within two week of the start of school.  The annual testing/assessment can be done anytime during the year.  So I think waiting for fall would be fine.


I have found a lot of useful information at the Washington Homeschool Organization website.

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The requirements are really easy to follow.


The declaration of intent is really not a big deal. You just mail it in and you're done. There's nothing to compile or documentation. It's just your signature on a form certifying that you meet the min. qualifications and will be providing home based instruction.


You can wait until fall or even next spring to test. If you want, you can test for free via the school system in most areas. If you prefer you can use an evaluator rather than test. It's very flexible. The test results aren't submitted anywhere.


Washington is also great about PT school enrollment. Generally speaking, if you want your child to take band or a science class at the local school but do everything else at home, you can.

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