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What do you use for LA?


What do you use for LA?  

  1. 1. What do you use for LA?

    • First Language Lessons (dua!)
    • Classical Writing
    • Rod and Staff
    • Sonlight
    • Learn Language Arts Through Literature
    • Bob Jones
    • Abeka
    • Analytical Grammar or Junior
    • Latin
    • Other (please post)

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I am surprised to see Rod and Staff right up there with FLL. Is Rod and Staff that great? Though 'other' is also right up there:)


We use, ETC, EGP, LL, VFCR


You know, we use Rod and Staff right now (2nd grade), but will be switching to the Veritas Comprehension Guides next year for reading and Phonics Pathways to keep phonics fresh. Plus, we just started Spelling Power and I LOVE it!!


Rod and Staff has a great foundation, and is really challenging for the child that excels at reading IMO. However, I'm finding the reading part of it contains too much writing for my daughter. Also, since it's all Bible stories, I discovered that she wasn't really comprehending what she read, she had the stories memorized :rolleyes: So, we've scrapped the Reading curriculum, we'll finish this year's phonics, and then we'll only be using the English next year.


My youngest will be in K next year and I'm totally going with ETC and Phonics Pathways, then FLL for 1st.

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DD12 - Vocab. From Classical Roots A, Latin Prep 1, and Writing Strands 5 and lots of reading including free-choice books and assigned books. We were using Our Mother Tongue, but after listening to her sister's work with Shurley English, DD12 asked to be switched to SE, so she is now doing SE-7 and says that she has more understanding of the "why" than she ever had before. Supplement with Spelling Power, although she is almost finished with the book.


DD9 - Shurley English 3, Spelling Workout C, Writing Strands 3 (although I don't push the WS). DD9 came out of Public School 1gr. with some issues that we have been addressing (she needs to find her own way to make things work in her head), so as far as reading is concerned, last year we focused on decoding skills and this year we are finally working on comprehension using books that I select and prep for her.


It can be a lot of work to accomodate two very different learning styles, but I look forward to the day when I get back into a classroom of my own and can apply the things I'm learning now when I don't have someone handing me a pile of books and saying "This is what you'll teach this year". Of course homeschooling for a curriculum junkie can be dangerous! My husband is dreading our next move, betting that our household goods will be overweight from all my books!

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We are using and loving Christian Light Education's Language Arts for spelling and grammar and penmanship. We use IEW for writing and this year we are doing the theme-based lessons and SICC B. I avoided IEW like the plague for years due to it's high initial cost and the fact that it wanted to teach me to teach my kids to write. As if I needed something else on my plate! It is our 2nd year into it now and while I do find the stylistic techniques annoying and formulaic, there is no question that my daughter is at last writing and writing well and learning how to write without hating it. So, it works for us.

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I used FLL thru 2nd grade with my oldest, then switched to Easy Grammar when she hit 3rd grade. When she started fourth grade, FLL3 came out and we bought it. It is very good but we have more skimmed through it, it is really good, wish it had been out when dd was in 3rd. Still I like the sentence diagramming in FLL3 so we are reviewing through it. I will use FLL3 with my youngest next year and then Easy Grammar 4/5 for her the year after that.

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For my 2nd grade son, I have been using SWR for spelling and dictation. I use the SL readers and I am using a program from SRA called Language for Writing. I also use Six Minute Solutions for reading fluency and McCall Crabbs for reading comprehension.


For my K daughter, I am using Funnix, Pathway readers, SL readers, and A Reason for Handwriting.



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Writing Tales

Word Attack spelling

Getty Dubay Italics Cursive

Copywork from various sources

Reading from Sonlight, Veritas and other lists

Poetry memorization



Afrikaans sonder grense workbook

Storieboom leesreeks



Prima Latina

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7th grader :)


Queen's Language Book for the elementary child 2

All about Me journal writing prompts

Easy Grammar Punctuation section


Sequential Spelling


1rst grader :cool:


Explode the Code 2,3, and 4

Let's Read a Linguistic Approach

Pathway Readers

Online Zaner Bloser spelling lists



11th grader :eek:

Landmark Freedom Baptist 11th grade

Library books and literature lists for literature

That's all folks! ;)

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3rd grader: CW Aesop, SWO D, GWG 3, and we're watching the IEW videos right now. They are helping us with Classical Writing quite a bit. At least in Aesop, the two programs work well together. I love teaching grammar, because I never did in school. (Child of the 1960's: "oh, write whatever you want, spelling & grammar are not important...."). Oh, and he competed in the spelling bee this year. He wants to keep trying and go all the way to Nationals someday. I somehow think there must be better uses for one's time than memorizing arcane words that you will never need to use.

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