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Cross Post: MASSIVE Middle Ages-Renaissance line up spreadsheet!!


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Okay, since we are using History Odyssey Level 2 Middle Ages, Human Odyssey texts, SOTW 2, KingFisher, and Usborne History Encyclopedia..... We needed a reading chart!! 

I've noticed A TON of threads on reading schedules for these books...... so I'm sharing ours.  I have come across helpful schedules and just meshed them together so it is all in one place rather than separate schedules.  So I didn't entirely come up with this myself!  I had help from a bunch of you on the WTM Forum!  Thank you.... you know who you are.  It's not an easy task lining up different sources, but I feel this is pretty well formulated.  So, if you don't feel it's accurate enough, then by all means don't use it!


I am only using SOTW 2 and Usborne Encyclopedia with my 3rd grader......along with lots of books & activities.


6th and 8th grader are using History Odyssey 2 without The Story of Mankind and replacing it with K12's Human Odyssey vol. 1-2 (end of vol. 1 and beginning to somewhat middle of vol. 2). They are reading the scheduled KF readings from the History Odyssey.  


Printable Middle Ages-Renaissance Reading Schedule 


Edit to add:  Just want to mention that there are lots of reading schedules and lesson plans for these same resources on my blog!

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Just curious, Murrayshire --- are you still planning on going in SOTW order with everyone, HO order with everyone, or having them do their own thing?


I'm trying to decide what to do with my two in the fall.

We have been going in the order of History Odyssey to change things up! My girls like how it stays on a particular region for a period of time. It's been going quite smoothly for them I have to say. I feel that SOTW in some ways is a bit over my ds's head at times. He doesn't care about history as much as science so that could be my issue with him! Using SOTW in a HO sequence feels a bit choppy to me......but not too bad. We add lots of outside readers & activities. I even pull my ds in with History Odyssey when there is not a SOTW chapter lined up and just add readers on that topic for him. Hope this answers your question. Let me know if you have more!

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