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Vision Therapy materials

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Short version:  DD has convergence issues and did VT in 2013-14 but was cleared.  We have since moved and now have a new eye Dr. who has different ideas about the issues.  We knew VT was something we would have to revisit from time to time. This current Dr doesn't think DD needs VT again, but wants her to do pencil pushups and the string/beads every morning.  


We have no supplies from VT.  She borrowed the flipper so we don't have one.  She can do a pencil pushup no issues.  But the bead thing?  


Can I purchase a flipper and the bead/string thing online?  I searched but only found places that require a dr to order.  Can anyone help me find a place to purchase the bead/string thing and perhaps a flipper so DD can do this at home?  Or instructions for making the bead thing?  


thank you!!  If I have to we will find another VT specialist, but the issue is slight, and just maintaining some daily work may be enough for her, so we want to try it first.


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I hope that gives you the link to Brock strings (the beads on a string) for $5.95. Otherwise, it's www.bernell.com whereupon you can do a search.


I couldn't find the flippers for non professional purchase at bernell.com probably because they come in an assortment of powers. Can your new dr buy these for you, at the appropriate power level?

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The brock string is just a string with 5 different colored wooden beads on it - you could make one easily.  The only thing is you want the beads to move but you don't want the beads to slip around on their own- so use a string aprox the same size as the hole on the bead.


The flippers I have never been able to find available for the general public.  However, that is just working near/far - so you can do small and big letters and switch back and forth between them.  For example, my VT had us hang a paper on the wall with the big letters and hold a small paper with tiny letters and switch back and forth (doesn't have to be letters - that is just what they gave us - I made my own with sentences from various classics)

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I like the idea of sentences on wall/large and small print to switch to. Great idea, thank you!!!

We did random letter charts big (1inch) on the wall and typewritten in hand for accommodation practice. My smart kids could easily memorize them, so we had to swap out the charts and/ or switch from reading horizontal columns to vertical.

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One thing that would be helpful?

Is to have her work desk, positioned in front of window.

So that she can regularly and easily look from near to far and back again.

As well as points in between,


But it could be helpful to understand these exercises?

Which are using the 'Eye Muscles'.

To think of the exercises like weight lifting?

With incremental increases in the weight.

So that we can use ounces, or pounds, or stones for each increment ?

Or for distance, we can use 'inches, feet or yards?


So to begin with, what needs to be defined?

Is what 'increments' can be coped with?

For example with a string, and whatever located along it?


The crucial element, is to define how close the beads need to be?

For her eyes to shift focus from to the next?

The distance between the essential factor.

Having defined the 'distance'?

This is then slightly increased and practiced, until it becomes comfortably fluent.

Then the distance is incrementally increased.


The idea of wall print to small hand held print, is total contraction of this.

Which is like picking up an ounce weight, and then adding a stone weight?

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