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What Are Your Favorite Free Resources?

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I don't use the paid curriculum, I used their Engineering Adventures curriculum. That is free and it was developed to be used for after school programs geared towards 3rd-5th graders.  You have to fill out a quick survey to be able download it. You can buy classroom kits that provide supplies and teacher's manuals, but the downloaded teacher's manual and student books were easy to print and I found all of the supplies I needed at Walmart and Lowe's.



I used the Earthquake Engineering unit as a 6 week coop class that had 9yos to 12 yos and it was really wonderful. I loved it and the kids loved it. I am planning on doing the rest of them! My son said, "That was really fun and awesome." My daughter said, "I love engineering!" It was time well spent!


They have also developed a free series for middle schoolers called Engineering is Everywhere. I haven't used those yet.



I hope that helps :)

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  • Librivox
  • Wikipedia
  • Little Free Libraries
  • Lulu & Leo Fund's SuperArtist Challenges
  • SchoolSparks Kindergarten Worksheets >> I don't actually use these much, but dang, they are beautiful free printables for every pre-K/K topic under the sun.
  • Friendly strangers: I recruit everyone I can to teach my kids for me. Just in the past week a fabric shop lady taught the 4yo a little about clothes, fabric and quilting, and the smoke shop guy explained cigars after we encountered an exploding cigar joke in a read-aloud. I've never had anyone refuse a polite request in the vein of "Could you please tell us a little about such-and-such?" Most people are delighted to share their knowledge.

Also, from the Department of "Hey, kid, look at this cool thing on the internet":

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All my favorite school ones are up here (MEP, library, Prog. Phonics, etc.j, but every once in a while we get lost in the website "the kid should see this" and I suspect you could use it to really supplement art, science, math, etc. if I could just stop watching and explore the search function.

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What a great thread! I can't wait to spend some time checking out all of these sites.  One that I didn't see mentioned was Salsa Spanish.  We use Elementary Spanish from Discovery Education, which is not free, but the kids love Salsa as a supplement. 


We also make use of our library system and the system a few towns over.  Between the two they can get us just about anything.  I'm waiting on SOTW2 audio right now  :)

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An older thread but it could still be helpful.





The Civil Air Patrol has free teaching materials

Pinterest has some free stuff I have used.



Kahn Academy

Crash Course



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This forum :wub:


Pinterest and all the great homeschool and teacher bloggers out there.


Progressive Phonics (free reading program)


Experimenting With the Vikings

Free 56 page unit study learning about Vikings and different science concepts.




The Royal Society of Chemists - Learn Chemistry Site

They're the ones that did the Experimenting With the Vikings Unit...they have a lot of other great resources too:



Teachers Pay Teachers

....for finding random one page freebies to supplement other things.






TedEd for History and Science videos


Extra Credits History


Crash Course History


TICE Art History










Online Free Spanish



Basho & Friends (Youtube)


Perro y Gato Cartoon (youtube)

(When you search on youtube for this, make sure to search under the phrase "Perro y Gato Cartoon" not just "Perro y Gato" ...if you leave off cartoon the search will also bring up cats and dogs doing things together you won't want to have to explain to your children). 










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