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Interesting TED talk on playing a musical instrument and brain function

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A friend of mine just gave me the link for a TED talk which I found very interesting. Playing and regularly practicing a musical instrument has always been a priority in our home, and the information in this video provides some excellent support for the benefits in playing music. Sounds like playing music could be like a 'power pill' in education. 





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This TED talk provided some bonus information. I've had my children in music lessons from an early age for other reasons to start with, such as enjoyment in making music alone and with a group, having a creative outlet to express oneself, and laying the foundation for a life-long appreciation of music.


Over the years of homeschooling my children, and watching their ability to focus/concentrate and take on challenges as their music has become more difficult technically and they are encouraged to bring emotion into their playing, I can see more and more how these skills benefit other areas of their life, such as academics and sports.  

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