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S/O Calculus book, Didn't realise James Stewart has passed

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While googling about the author, realized that he has passed on Dec 3rd, 2014. Didn't realize the late Prof Stewart was a professional violinist too.


""It is impossible to put in a few words the contribution Jim has made," said executor and brother-in-law Don Smith. "From a brilliant best-selling author, professional violinist, revered Teacher, generous philanthropist, and an architectural inspiration, and yet at the same time a humble and quiet individual who gave so much more than he received. He was without a doubt one of the most admired, loved, and befriended men not only in Canada but also internationally.""




"Jim wants students to see that calculus is both practical and beautiful. Throughout his books, he incorporates that message with the practical aspect of mathematics. Solving problems is very powerful, but that is only one aspect of calculus; Jim also wants students to discover the inherent beauty of calculus. This is challenging to convey because one cannot explain or realize it all at once—it is cumulative."



"Stewart is from Toronto. His brother and sister aren’t mathematical at all. His father was an engineer. His mother was an artist.


As a boy, Stewart loved music and math. At the University of Toronto, he almost switched into music during second year university. But he stuck with math and played the violin on the side."



Photos of Integral House, Toronto


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