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MEP worksheet format problems

Vida Winter

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How MEP prints is dependent on your printer and its settings.

If you print on A4 paper, everything should print correctly.

If you scale to fit letter size paper, the measuring exercises will be off.

If you don’t scale and are using letter size paper, header, footer, or parts of both will be missing.


Are you having some other issue? 

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I think my PDF reader is current. I don't think paper size will have any effect - it's on my screen even before printing. Some of the math characters are mis-mapped to the wrong character. For example the division sign for long division -- the ")" part of that comes out as a box so I don't get )--------   I get []---------- (that's as close as I can draw a division sign with ascii characters). Not only that, other random, weird mappings here and there which I *could* print and manually correct but I'd rather get it fixed before printing.



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