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How long daily in 3rd grade


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I appologise as i am sure this has been covered many times before but I simply cannot find the answer on a search.

My dd is starting 3rd grade this month (jan-dec school year) and I am currently working out her daily "routine". How long do you expect each topic to take in 3rd grade?


I am thinking phonics and general LA worksheets about 15-20 minutes daily (she is finishing ETC soon and then no more phonics), she likes the LA worksheets, they are mostly scholastic or evan moor books and are fun ones

Language arts: 2* 15-20 minute lessons daily. We alternate between spelling (AAS), writing (WWE) and grammar (FLL) doing each 3-4 times a week

reading 30 minutes daily

LA total: about 1 hour plus 30 minutes reading.


Math she usually does 2 complete MUS pages (double sided ie 1A and 1B). This will be cut down to only 1 page if it becomes too hard however the 2 double sided pages generally is only taking about 20 minutes on average.

Maths game or manipulative exploration 10 minutes+ daily (depends on the game chosen).

Math total: about 30 minutes daily. Is this enough???


Logic and geography are about 10 minutes a day alternating.


I am hoping to add in a 30 minute block of either history or science here but am worried it will be too much???



Mondays we have a history activity and craft session with a friend - 3 hours ish total but only about 1 hour working. We are going to add in 30 minutes of science to this session this year. (combined with sister in 1st grade and a 3rd grade friend)
Tuesdays swimming lessons and socialising with homeschool friends

Wednesdays homeschool group - this is a play and socilization group only
Thursdays 1 hour of science (combined with 1st grader)

Fridays 1 hour of history (combined with 1st grader)



Daily schedule currently looks like this (all times are very approximate)
9am to 10 LA book work etc
10 to 10:30am reading
10:30 to 11 break and snack time outside!

11-11:10 logic/geography
11:10-11:40 math book work and then game/manipulative play
Maybe add in 30 minutes ish here for history/science

Lunch time from time math is finished (or after the history/science) until maybe 1:30ish

1:30 onwards as above.

Thoughs? Am I expecting too much? Not enough? Anything major I have missed? hubby wants me to do a language this year and I am still working out what we will use for that, I might put it in on one or 2 of the 30 minute sessions before lunch maybe?
Thoughs? TIA


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mucis and art are covered in both our history session with the friend on monday and then often on thursday and friday afternoons informally after everythign else is done. I would like to add in a formal art session but i just cannot fit it in realistically.

Oh forgot to add that we are doing one weekend a month (couple of hours) as a family working on STEM projects, mostly engineering type projects, building and testing model bridges/lego challenges etc

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My 3rd grader spends about 2 hours doing the 3Rs along with history or science (some on own, some with me), about 30 minutes doing a group morning basket time with dd (folksongs, poetry, geography, composer study, artist study, Spanish---not everything everyday), and 30 minutes piano practice most school days. We do an art, handicraft, or PE activity some afternoons. We have school related extracurriculars outside the home averaging twice/week (1-3 hours time depending on the activity). These activities often supplement our homeschool curriculum falling under the categories science, history, art, music, Bible, or PE enrichment. We read biographries and literature at bedtime and on weekends when possible.

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We do Spanish for 20 Minutes a day but don't do any logic or geography. 


Two days a week we do History, Science and Art or Music instead of Math and LA (not totally true because we do Life of Fred on the days we don't do our normal math class, but this doesn't take very long and doesn't really feel like we are doing math). I find that there is enough Language arts in our Math and Science days and this allows us to explore math and History more deeply since these are dds favorite subjects. I do sometimes feel a little pang that we should be doing LA and Saxon math every day, but when we did that life was much less enjoyable and honestly I feel like we get more out of this system because we can really enjoy these subjects. 



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