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Can I skip R&S English 4?? GWG 4??


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I think I read a post once, a long time ago, that said that the info in R&S 4, is a major repeat of 3, and one can skip it and go to 5?? I don't remember, and I've got a child finishing level 3 this spring.


Also, if I can skip R&S 4, could I skip over Growing with Grammar 4, and go right to level 5 of GWG?? (If I make the switch from Rod and Staff to GWG.) I've got a child that I put a level lower, because she was previously in public school. Now, she is frustrated because of the grade level and wants to do 5 next year, as she will be a 5th grader.



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We've done R&S 3, 4, 5, and 6. Dd is currently in 6; ds is in 4.


All the levels review previous material before going into more depth. The reviews, though, are short. You might have one lesson that covers all the material that took two or three lessons in the previous level. You could probably skip Level 4, and just take more time doing Level 5 to make sure she's not frustrated.


Or, you could go faster through Level 4, skipping the material she knows already. I do this with my ds, who is doing Level 4. Some of the material is very easy, so we're able to do two or three lessons in a single sitting. The writing exercises sometimes take two or three days, though, so it evens out.


The writing exercises in 5 are much more involved than in 4.

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This is our first year HS. My 4th grader (by age) had had almost no grammar in her private school but, on the other hand, she is academically very gifted. I started her in 5th grade R&S, and it has been a breeze for her. This is the lowest grade level of anything she's in this year, and it has been, by far, her easiest subject. She has, however, learned and retained so much from this program.

If your child has a good grasp of basic grammar, I wouldn't hesitate to skip an earlier level of R&S to start at 5th grade to get her on grade level. R&S seems very grade-level appropriate to me.



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