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FAVORITES - What are yours?


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Does anyone else just LOVE to curriculum shop? Do you always check out new companies or books? I'm slightly obsessed right now. I get excited, confused, doubtful... So please...


Share what your absolute favorites have been. Can be anything you like.


I especially am interested in what families were most pleased with for young children. I'm drawn to TOG, CC, FIAR, SL, FLL, WWE, SOTW, MOH... Too many! But please share anything your family loves.


I'll start. I love OPGTTR, Singapore Math, and R&S preschool workbooks. Favorite books have been Chronicles of Narnia and Elephant & Piggie readers :)


Thank you in advance for sharing! :)


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This is my 11th year of homeschooling, so it takes a lot to excite me nowadays. My favorite tried and true curricula are Teaching Textbooks, Veritas Press self-paced history, Apologia science, and reading eggs. I really enjoyed Notgrass American History as well. After all these years, I haven't found a language arts curriculum that I like. 

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This will go all over the place. :)


I love curriculum. :) I was more obsessed before joining the boards... I've been encouraged/inspired/challenged by a number of posters to work to find my big-picture education philosophy, long-term goals, my kids' strengths & weaknesses, my budget, etc. Once I nailed that down, I chose curricula that reflect where we are and where we want to go... I still enjoy browsing other curricula...but I'm content (okay, *more* content) with what we're using. (I still like adding to/enhancing what we have...)


What I'm *loving*:


Bible Road Trip (1) it fits my budget - FREE, 2) I can teach everyone together, 3) we're having a blast reading through the Bible together!) 


Math Mammoth  :leaving:   (I love that 1) it fits my budget, 2) it's so flexible...I can skip whatever I feel like skipping...so we can go as fast or slow as we like/need, 3) we're really liking Math!)


R&S English (1) fits my budget...can you see a pattern developing here?, 2) again, flexible...we do most of it orally, no pressure to complete separate worksheets)


SOTW1 (okay, so this stretches the budget a little...but something has to, right?  :laugh:  and we're loving history, so...)


We read Narnia this year (kids would move to Narnia in a heartbeat :D)...and the Treasury of Virtues book (this is wonderful - can't like this book enough right now...I *love* the way it tells super-familiar stories in a new, fresh, character-building way)

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LOVE Abeka Phonics, Story of the World all volumes, Writing with Ease 1 and 2, Writing with Skill 1, Language Smarts by Critical Thinking Company, The Sentence Family, Adventures of Genius Boy and Grammar Girl, Singapore Math 1A and 1B, Remedia Outlining workbooks, Maps Charts Graphs all levels, Grammar Tales, Schoolhouse Rock.

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I am an Aspie and a VSL, so, yeah. I have tried a lot of curriculum. When it doesn't work, it's usually me that it doesn't work for.


Things that we (both me and the kids love) are CLE Math, LA, and Reading. I love Mystery of History but it's a little old for my kids. We also like Memoria Press (anything). I think I'm going to order the entire JrK program when #3 is old enough.


I just bit the bullet and bought the one thing I've been looking at and drooling over for years: Tapestry of Grace. So far, I love, love, love it. It teaches the way I think and like to learn.

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I find myself getting excited at catalogs/curriculum with lots of living books. Just regular textbook catalogs are boring to me.


I like Apologia Elementary books, SOTW, anything Ruth Beechick or Charlotte Mason, living books, natural language lessons, that sort of thing. Oh, and Rod and Staff math.


I use and like Pentime but I used and loved (as a child) D'Neilian (so I look at that occasionally).


I like the concept of letting preschoolers be preschoolers. In fact, I have thought of buying my 3 year old some vintage Fisher Price toys to play with (like I did as a child!) instead of anything remotely more schoolish. :lol:

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Right Start Math

MCT Language Arts 

Atelier Art 

Teach Me Joy cursive

I didn't love FIAR particularly, but it has some excellent books that were on DD's list of favorites for years. 


Now that I think about it, I've never found a history or science program I have loved. I usually end up cobbling together my own thing. Learning to read used a bunch of sources that never had a clear favorite, either. 


Favorite books have been Momo, Because of Winn-Dixie, A Bear Called Paddington, The Milly-Molly-Mandy Storybook, The Duchess Bakes a Cake (from our FIAR days) and Big Susan. I've lost count of how many times DD has reread them. 


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My favorite curricula are Singapore Math, Einsterns Schwester 1 (this is a first grade reading and writing curriculum for German; it's not a language-learning curriculum, so only relevant for kids who already speak German), and Evan-moor Daily Language Review.


Those three things have worked for both of my kids, though not always in the same way or for the same reasons.

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My favorites (I'll start young and go up): Bible Study Guide for All Ages, Logic of English Foundations, Math in Focus and Miquon, The Sentence Family, Writing and Rhetoric, MCT Language Arts 


I still haven't found a favorite history and science. I'm hoping that Beautiful Feet will fix that when it comes to history, but we haven't started using it yet.

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You know you have a problem when you want to camp out at the curriculum store .  Yes, I am that person  :wub: . 

We love Story of the World, Rod & Staff Arithmetic, and Apologia Young Explorers Science.  I have tried others and always end up returning them just to go right back to what I had originally.  I just can't stand the feeling that I'm missing out on something in another curriculum.  Right now, I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do for next school year when AYE Astronomy is completed.  The next book in the series does not look appealing to me.  I get bored so easy.  But when I look at other curriculum, it either looks to jumbled together or it's way too complicated.  I really like the idea of doing nature studies so that ds can learn and know about his surroundings in nature.  That's why AYE appeals to me, because it covers those topics and a bit more when it relates.  I dont know what I'm going to do.  Probably just keep on keeping on with what I have found.  At least until i hear about another book.... :lol:




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I have a list of favorites:


One Hundred Sheep - Skip Counting Songs From the Gospels

Children Just Like Me

Artistic Pursuits

Elemental History


A History of US

Essentials in Writing

Teaching Textbooks

Mosdos Press Literature Textbooks

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I have to seriously be careful when looking at new curriculum. I wanna try it ALL! lol


Our favorites around here are MCT (although we are only halfway through the first level), LoF, SOTW, FLL (only a favorite with my oldest), and Home Art Studio.


It's not really curriculum per say, but Gueshollow is a favorite place for me to look for ideas. I have used a LOT of her suggestions with science and all three of my kids LOVE the science.


There are very few things that we have this year that the kids don't like at least a little. Things like MM and BA are just at the 'ok' level with the kids (I like them both), but those are probably are probably our least like subjects this year as far as the kids are concerned. All in all, I think we're in a pretty good place. Now I just wish we could stay here, but I know as soon as my oldest is done with the last of his elementary courses I'm going to have to hunt for new 'favorites' again.


oh well, I rather like the shopping around. Feeds my habit

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Younger kids, I really enjoyed Sonlight literature read-alouds.

All About Reading & All About Spelling weren't out when my kids were young, but I really liked AAS when I found it.

Haven't used Math-U-See or Essentials in Writing with younger kids, but like both of these for jr. high/high school.

Also really like Mystery of History.


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Add me to that curriculum junkie list.  I have a problem with constantly reading and researching….thankfully the budget has its limits so I don't buy everything.  


Favorites include R&S grammar, MP lit. studies (although we haven't tried any others), Beautiful Feet Geography (although we aren't far into it yet).  Elemental science has been a solid constant for us for 4 years.  Some years I love it more than others. 

I want to love Math Mammoth but it isn't a perfect match for us right now.  Hopefully with the few changes we are making in the new year we will have more to add to our favorites list.  

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Ah where to start? :) my favorites and my children's favorite may be 2 different things.



I love phonics pathways, books from the critical thinking Co, FIAR, rs4k, rso, Singapore math with math u see blocks, WWE, and FLL.


Thankfully, they love being read to. I love the Who was series, mathstart and sir cumference books.

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Here are some of my favorites I've used over the years (believe me...there have been an awful lot of clunkers in that time too): 


Reading Made Easy

Five in a Row


Teaching Textbooks


Beautiful Feet

Adventures in America

Home Art Studio

The Sentence Family

Fix It Grammar

Cozy Grammar

Grammar Revolution

All About Spelling


Cover Story

Science Excursion

Home Science Adventures

Tin Man Press


JB would add Life of Fred to this list also...although it's not one of my favorites.  On the inside I'm:  :confused1:  :blink:  :001_unsure:  but on the outside I'm:  :001_rolleyes: (at least it's with a smile).  


My baby is growing up, but if I would have had another little one I think I would have really liked Language Lessons for Children by Cottage Pres.  

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I really like SWR for my son who struggles with reading but loves to write. I was frustrated that he couldn't transition to books (even basic BOB books.) THEN CAME  Reading Lesson Through Literature!!!!!!! He gets to spell and practice reading his word lists (we do timed 'contests' so he learns to read faster.) Then he gets to read a story that only has words that he knows! The phonograms are underlined and syllables hyphenated. Can you tell I'm excited!? (I'm sounding like an infomercial!! sorry!) My 9 yo can finally read and asks to read that book!!


I also like R & S English and The Miller Stories series of books.







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I am only a year in but I am a curriculum junkie as well. My favorites are:

Everything on the Sonlight preschool booklist

Logic of English Foundations (I just overlook the spelling for my 5 year-old)

RightStart Math


My daughter prefers Singapore Earlybird and Mathematical Reasoning but I can't function well with the format of workbook with no teacher guidance. (Singapore has a teacher manual but I didn't buy it).


I am searching for an art program and I will likely purchase Artistic Pursuits based on your responses.

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Home Art Studio is amazing! I like it better than Artistic Pursuits.


I love Math Mammoth. I am pretty sure it is as close to perfect as curriculum gets. Not to mention the fact that is also by far the least expensive thing I've used. I bought the complete grade 1 - 6 package when my oldest was in first grade. I've used it for her and my middle child for a combined 7.5 grade levels so far. 


Sonlight is a wonderful program I have really enjoyed so far.


For Language Arts I have tried lots of things I think are good, but nothing that worked equally well for my different students. Rod & Staff spelling for my oldest, AAS for my middle child. Sonlight Language Arts past the learning to read stage, Rod & Staff English, Essentials in Writing, Growing with Grammar, Horizons, Wordly Wise, and ETC have filled LA needs at my house at various times. 


NOEO science has been the most popular science here. We have also used Sonlight Science without the dinosaur books and Science in the Ancient World.

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