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Best Kindle/Android Apps for K-3 (free/inexpensive)


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Please forgive me if this has been asked recently (and feel free to direct me to the appropriate thread(s)!) - I didn't seen what I wanted when I tried searching through old threads, so I thought I'd give it a go with a new question: What are the best apps that are either free or inexpensive (but one-time fees and not subscription based) for the first few elementary years? I feel like I've been spending hours looking through apps and finding good ones, only to download them and find that very little is actually free (e.g., a sight-word app has only 6 words on the free version...), and almost everything is paid-content (E.g. Starfall -- we loved starfall on the computer, so thought the app would be similar, but there's far less available for free on the app than on the online version, and I was so disappointed.) I've downloaded at least a dozen apps in the last few days that all have much less free than I expected from the summary and screen shots.


So what are your favorite android apps for K-3 that have a good bit of stuff for free before moving on to paid?


(I'm not trying to cheat anybody out of their dues - I know these apps take time to develop and I respect the people that do it. I'm just being cheap now out of necessity for right now! We don't spend a lot of time in front of the kindle, which is why I don't want to do any subscription based ones, but it'd be nice to have some pretty good educational ones to use as a "reward" for certain other achievements or long car rides...)

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It works well to watch the free app of the day and snag some that way.


Dragon Box is really good (but not really cheap).


Pettson's inventions is good and fun.


Flow Free is a great game but I haven't given it to the kids because the ads that pop up aren't the best and I have my tablet set so I can't buy from my tablet, so I can't buy the full version and get rid of the ads (but if you could, it would be really fun and good).  I should really chat with Amazon about figuring out how to deal with that! 


Khan academy viewer


Montezuma puzzle


Bible for Kids is free and my toddler likes it


Minecraft pocket edition is not that expensive for the play value


Air Harp 


I think the biointeractive earth viewer was free.  Mind Games has good free games.  



I have gotten a lot of games just checking the free app of the day -I don't know how much zooistry is, but that is a good one. 


Stack the States.


Ninja Math Lite






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