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Top Read Alouds for Ancients

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We will be starting Ancients in late spring. I was looking through the SOTW AG and love the extensive book lists. DD is a strong reader and most of the books can simply be placed in the library bin for her to read as she chooses. However, I would love to use some of the best options in our evening read aloud time.


What your top picks are for a "family read aloud time" that correspond with Ancients? Can be fiction or nonfiction, longer picture books or chapter books, good for any elementary grade audience. Please let me know what part of Ancients the books line up well with, too, so I know when to slot them in!

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VP has a good list too and will include some that SOTW does not.

I loaned out my SOTW 1 AG so don't hve my list, but with a 6 yo and 4 yo, we read mostly picture books. I remember thinking at the time that the content of most of the novels was too mature, too intense for my kids. Looking forward to doing ancients again next year with older kids.


This time around we will include The Golden Goblet, The Children's Homer, lots of Rosemary Sutcliff, books by Oivia Coolidge, Robert Lancelyn Green.


Last time:

Dd loved Mary Pope Osborne's adaptation of The Odyssey.

Brian Wildsmith's Exodus

The Gilgamesh trilogy by Ludmila Zeman

D'Aulaires Greek Myths was both my kids hands-down favorite and has continued to be read here. On Audible too!

Ds loved Bill and Pete go down the Nile. Silly book, but he was a young 4 at the time.


Don't forget to do the chicken mummy and the roman baths from SOTW! Way fun!

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I loved reading A Single Shard aloud. (read it three times lol)  It is listed in SOTW /ancient Korea.


Rosemary Sutcliffe books were also favorites. Gilgamesh, Black Ships Before Troy, and an ancient Rome one- can't think of the title. 


The Bronze Bow is also not to be missed (imo), whether one is religious or not.

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Theodora and the Serpents Chaos is the first in a large series about Theodosia. She is an eleven year old, homeschooled girl whose parents work in the London Museum of Artifacts and Antiquities. She is blessed to being able to see cursed objects (but no one knows) and so she spends her time reading up on various hieroglyphics, spells, and history of Egypt so she can remove the curses from objects her mother brings back from the Valley of Kings in Thebes.


It is very Percy Jackson-ish, only with Egypt.

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We really love a picture story book called Escape From Pompeii. Christina Balit. 2003.


I discovered it at our local library, and bought us a copy for home, because we were so sad that we had to return it. Young visitors have enjoyed it also, and friends have purchased their own copies since visiting with us and joining our story times.


ETA: I'm sure your DD could read this on her own, but it's such a lovely book to share!

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Agreeing with the Gilgamesh trilogy and D'Aulaire's Greek Myths. The other big favorites here were Rosemary Sutcliff's Black Ships Before Troy and The Wanderings of Odysseus. Make sure to get the big, hardback, picture versions, not the little mass-mkt paperbacks.

Yes, the Alan Lee illustrations are great!

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