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Thanks for posting this!  I'm tempted to get the Year 1 Unit 1, to see if it meshes well with my son's study of Ancient Egypt.


One concern I have is that we have very different religious beliefs that the TOG writers.  I'm OK with that, I have a high schooler, not a little kid, and I think it would be good for him to read and analyze things from different perspectives.


However, I notice on the website that it says essentially that TOG doesn't take sides between Young Earth and Old Earth Creationists.  It made me wonder how TOG handles time periods in very Ancient History (e.g. Sumer).  For example, non-YECists believe that the City of Eridu was established in approximately 5400 BC, or 7400 years ago, before creation, according to some.  So if someone believes that the Universe is 6,000 years ago, what do they teach their kids about Sumer?  And how does TOG treat the issue?  Does it say "some people believe it happened in 5400 BC, and other people believe . . . . " (which would be fine by me), or does it say something more vague?


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