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Tapestry of Grace is once again offering a free unit of their integrated program to new users. This is a great chance to give their program a try.


Here's a link explaining the offer:



I find it pretty cool that you can  pick any unit you want and not just a sample unit they pick.


We started Tapestry with My oldest in the fifth grade. He is now a senior. Both times he has taken the SAT, he's had a perfect score on the critical reading section. While as his mom, I think he's pretty bright and a good reader, I am sure that Tapestry's overall approach to both history and lit are what cemented his ability in this area. If you desire a strong classical approach with lively discussions I Tapestry can take you there.


I don't post here very often anymore, but I knew some of you might be interested.





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I wonder how long it takes to get the unit to try.


The site says they'll set up your unit & email you when it is ready to download. So, could be a couple of days?

The info also says they'll call/email (they require both phone & email on their form) to check up on how it is going.

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Thanks.  I've often wondered about Tapestry but I wasn't sure if the price was worth it for lower grammar kids (it seems like where it really shines is in rhetoric).  This is a great way to have a free look.  


Oddly the best reason to do Tapestry with younger children is that it will give you time to teach the oldest student in your school: You. They encourage you to read the R level literature as you work through the the program the first time. Depending on both what kind of reader you are and what you've read in the past, it might take two passes. Or you can do what I did the second time, and take some rabbit trails of my own in conjunction with the program (I read Augustine's City of God when we finished Year 1 the second time, they don't read it, but I was in the time period, I did the same with more adult Civil War books). 


But I'll be the first to tell you that the shine does really get going at the D level, especially in literature as you start to read real works. However, if you know you are aimed at Tapestry, you'll want to make sure that what ever you are doing you are reading quite a bit. We did Sonlight until my oldest was in fifth grade and the last two years of their younger level American history program had prepared him for D level. Not every program will do that. 

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Has anyone else been able to get this to work?


It wont allow me to register my computer, which is really disappointing.  I wanted to see this programs.  

I wouldn't give up. It really is an awesome program.  Maybe try opening a help ticket on their website. It's tapestryofgrace.com.  In the upper right hand corner is the help center icon and you can open a ticket or try calling.  They have always been really helpful when I've had any issues. 

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