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Reading suggestions for 1st grader


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I have an almost 7 year old boy that CAN read but doesn't necessarily enjoy it. He loves it when we read to him or even buddy reading, but if he's reading independently he stills wants to read Elephant and Piggie or Fly Guy books. All. The. Time. How do I get him interested in other books? We practice reading every day and he reads easy chapter books like Magic Tree House without a lot of mistakes but also without much enjoyment.


I don't want to push him, but he's been reading the easier books for a year! His skills have have moved forward but his interest in the longer books is just not there. He just seems overwhelmed by chapter books. Help!

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Read aloud to him from the good books you want him to experience. If possible, go to the library regularly and allow him to check out whatever books he wants--no pressure.


You want him to enjoy reading, yes? Well, then, let him read the books he enjoys while still making sure there are other books in his life. He's just little; he'll read more complex novels when he's ready. :-)

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I agree with Ellie.


I can understand your frustrations and concerns. if it was my child, I would continue reading to him and continue to buddy read. I think he'll want to read chapter books eventually.


Definitely show him some books that may interest him as well.


How about longer picture books? Like from the five in a row list? For example, Mike Mulligan and the steam shovel. Or Katy No Pockets. This may serve as a transition.



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Thanks for the suggestions. I know I shouldn't push it. But oh how I want him to love reading! Which, I suppose, is exactly why I shouldn't push it.


Thanks for the suggestion of the Scholastic Branches books. I had never heard of them. They seem very similar to the Choose Your Own Adventure series in diffuculty. He did enjoy what our library had of that series so these might be great.


I think more than anything I need to relax and let it be. We do read a lot of books as a family, both for school and just because so I know the love of reading is still being formed and nourished. I suppose I had just assumed that but the time he was able to read on the higher level, he would WANT to read on the higher level. It seems like I should be OK that we aren't there yet.


Thank you and more suggestions are definitely welcome!!

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