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Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good Morning...


Jean, here's hoping you feel better soon!  :grouphug:


Today's list:

  • cook breakfast--ham biscuits and hot coffee
  • laundry-clothing-1 load of each
  • wash new sheets and bedding for new house and pack up 
  • wash bathroom rugs/shower curtains for packing
  • prepare something delicious and filling for dinner

This should keep me busy today...have a good day everyone!

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Dd14 had a sore throat last night :( She's still asleep. Dh went to mass without us, hoping that he won't get sick.


We're doing the Christmas gift exchange with dsis's family this afternoon. Snacky junk and drinks and presents :D


I need to make crab dip. We need some crackers for that, so either I will go out or dh will.


Otherwise, it will be another mellow day of reading :)

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2 more hours before I can say goodbye to the kids and enjoy some time with just dh! I'm really hoping that this new plumbing leak doesn't ruin our trip.  We are both pretty pissed and frustrated with this whole situation. I'm worried I'm going to harp on the cost the whole time we're away and not want to spend any money because it needs to go to the plumbing.


-breakfast with mil


-drop kids off at parent's house

-hit up the store for some gallons of water so the pet sitter can give it to the dogs while we're away

-drop off water at our house, let dogs out, load car


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I haven't tackled in awhile, well I did, but I didn't post about it.  I'll be tackling even less as I have just accepted a children's librarian position at our public library.  Lots of changes for our family!  Best wishes to all of you!  I always enjoyed reading and posting to this thread.  I'm sure I'll check in from time to time.

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Today is our last week of 3pm church! Yay! 


So far:

fill in at ward council

tidy up

help ds with talk

read through lesson

be nice to sick people (dh - bad cold) 

bean soup with ham on the stove

laundry wash


to do:

lunch for all

start bread

fold laundry

put away laundry

church at 3pm

ds talk

lesson for YW

set up puzzle 

watch a movie together



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I am mega miserable.  I drove the kids to church.  I managed to avoid coughing so hard that I threw up (it got close there) by finding some lemon drops that someone had left in a cabinet probably a year ago.  The kids did very nice music for us.  As soon as the first service was over, I gathered the kids and high-tailed it out of there.  I'll see dh again tonight as he was going a different direction.  On the way home I managed to go to the Japanese grocery store for rice and stuff for lunch, the vitamin store for vitamins, Radio shack for Radio shackish stuff and the pharmacy where I embarrassed myself by coughing so hard I had tears running down my face for cold and flu stuff.  Now I really hope that everyone will leave me alone.  

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Jean I hope you start feeling better soon.



So the hotel tried to essentially downgrade our room, dh reserved a king size bed with a whirlpool tub in the room, but not comp us anything. They were just going to charge us the normal rate of the downgraded room. I said nope that doesn't work for us. I negotiated half off our original room and complimentary breakfast for both mornings which essentially makes the room free for the first night. So the plan is to just head to the casino, which has water, at 10 and spend a few hours there hanging out until we're ready for bed. Water will be back on by 6am so we'll be sleeping most of the time it is out. All in all this is annincredibly ironic story and we get 2 nights away for the price of 1 with a small waterless inconvenience for a few hours. I'm happy! I already got to relax in the whirlpool and being super pregnant every muscle thanked me!

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