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Do certain shows/movies/books make you crave certain things?


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There's a "cozy" series of mystery novels with a cookie baker at the center of everything...they are constantly eating cookies and drinking coffee. Needless to say I crave cookies and hot coffee while I read.


When I was a kid I associated pink panther movies with eating oranges...I have no idea why!

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I always crave tea and cookies whenever I'm "in the shire". It also makes me want to take up pipe smoking, which I've never done!


Little House in the Big Woods makes me want to try bear and eat maple candy and fresh butter.


Pulp Fiction makes me crave burgers.


Twin Peaks made me crave pie and coffee.





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When I watch Seinfeld I want a big bowl of ceral with super cold milk. Sometimes if I'm really excited to watch a movie, I need Cool Ranch Doritos to complete my happiness. Any movie that takes place in the cold/snow requires hot chocolate with marshmallows. (Dr. Zhivago or any mountain climber rescue movie for example.)

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It happens too many times to count.


"Heidi"....yes....toasted cheese on bread.  We actually bought raclette last year when DS1 read it.


Little House books...all sorts of things they eat.


"Little Women"....popovers.


"Dr. Zhivago" and other cold movies...absolutely Hot Chocolate. :)


"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"....I want one of those chocolate fondue machines to reimagine the waterfall.

Whenever I watch the "Thin Man" movies I want a cocktail...even though I don't drink.  (I guess a mocktail.)


"When Harry Met Sally"....NY Deli food, NY street food, etc.


"The Godfather" , Sopranos, and other Italian mafia type films.... pasta!


"Eat Drink Man Woman"....everything they make


I just read "The Modern Witch" series....and Nutella cookies, Snickerdoodles, and great tomato sauces featured prominently...so did wonderful scones and blueberry pancakes.






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