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A Beka Language or Essentials in Writing?


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I'm looking ahead a little to next year and trying to decide on a grammar/language program for my dd who will be 11 next school year. I can't decide between A Beka Language B or Essentials in Writing. I've tried to search on the forum, but almost nothing comes up or it says that the page cannot be found. So, I'm looking for input from those who have used one or both of these. I know that A Beka is very strong in grammar and diagramming and I like that, but I'm also drawn to EIW because of the strong writing component and the DVD teacher.


A little background - my dd has done the JAG and Mechanics programs as well as Write with the Best Vol. 1. She is currently using Kilgallon Sentence Composing for Elementary, some coypwork and dictation as well as parts of ILL. My tentative plan for the following year when she is 12 is to do WWS (likely stretching it over 2 years).


Soo, do I go with a thorough, really strong grammar or the seemingly more relaxed approach of EIW and focus more on writing? Any comments on aspects of either of these programs is appreciated. Thank you!



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