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21 Year Old Sues Parents for College Tuition and Wins

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I dreamed big, which for me was Harvey Mudd. No FAFSA for me since parents wouldn't fill it out. I had a newspaper route of my own since I was 11 and had to pay for my own school supplies & clothes at that point since there were a passel of kids & dad didn't make much $. Harvey Mudd ended up being out of the range I could afford -- by a lot. But I did get effectively a 'full ride' to a state school (combo National Merit & various other scholarships). 


I love my kids deeply, but I don't plan on giving them a blank check for college. DH & I were just having a discussion the other day on this -- How the kids can choose their own college, but that means they'll have to take the consequences of the money choice, too. DH still hopes the "college tuition bubble" bursts before dd#1 goes off to college.

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