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ISO Boring, non video game phonics online games

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I've got a emerging reader (CVC words) and a 2nd grader I suspect to have phonological awareness issues.  Someone on the Hive mentioned Reading Bears and I have used it for my 4 yo and like it very much but he is bumping against what he currently knows.  I haven't hit blends yet in OPGTR and don't want to skip to that yet.  He needs more practice in CVC words and I am looking for another program like Reading Bears - simple, not video game based (like Teach Your Monster to Read) and able to be used by both the 4 year old and the 2nd grader (who has a hard time "hearing" letter sounds).


Any suggestions from the Hive?






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Starfall online activities

Turtle Diary: Phonic Train game online

Education Online: Phonics Games online

Kiz Phonics online games

Soft School: Phonics online flashcards, games, printable worksheets

Fun Fonix: Phonics activities online

Fisher Price: Phonics Learning Game online

Owl and Mouse: Learn Letters online


Not online, but I *highly* recommend these:

Leap Frog Letter Factory & Talking Word Factory DVDs

Reader Rabbit Personalized Reading computer CD

Bailey's Book House computer CD

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Have you seen Explode the Code Online?  Check it out here:


We have also used Reading Eggs: 


The links above will take you to a website called Homeschool Buyers co-op that is free to join and does not give you a bunch of spam or emails and by signing up with the co-op you can get incredible prices on subscriptions for many different things that we as homeschool parents would normally pay full price for.  Anyway, My Ds7 really liked using the Reading Eggs.  Not so much the Explode the Code Online, but Explode the Code seemed to work. Because he didnt care for EtCO, we purchased a lifetime membership to Looney Tunes Phonics through the co-op and he loves that as well. 


Hope that helps give you some direction???....


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We loathed ETC Online. It was boring but one of my boys basically played it like a video game and even though he clearly to me who was a real person hearing him "read" (as in make up nonsense and struggle through) wasn't as good as his brother who was actually reading real books, he often beat his brother on the timed stuff. Also, typing. Don't do it if you have a kid who can't handle timed typing.


We hated Funnix and it's not online, but it's definitely computer based and really boring so maybe that's what you're looking for.

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We use Click N' Kids. They have regular phonics, Looney Tunes phonics, and spelling. We've had the regular phonics for a few years and its very basic but gets the job done. The Looney Tunes phonics is the same but with cartoon bits as you go along. We got the looney tunes and spelling recently and enjoy them as well. All were purchased through the preschool buyers coop and we got lifetime subscriptions so it was a very good deal.

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