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Advent story time...... & older kids. ??

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I enjoyed reading our advent books to our kids a few years ago. However as the older ones have gotten into high school and college (staying at home while attending community college) they tend to be so busy that I don't feel they have time to sit and listen to stories. So I gather the books to read to just the younger two but then feel like I'm leaving the older two out of the fun. Ug. I guess this is normal? Should I just move on? Should I have them make time for the advent stories (if they want) or keep their schoolwork their top priority?

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Agreeing with IsabelC: I found that my oldest (she's 24 now) really *wanted* to participate but couldn't always. So, I typically would say something like, "Hey, we're lighting Advent candles now and reading some stories. Want to join us?" She'd either come or say that she really had too much to do.

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