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I am wondering if anyone here has tried the pay version of Prodigy?  The site says a lot about all the extra fun stuff that the kids get.  But I want to know, what will I get?  Will I have the ability to give my kids a greater variety of problems?  Will they get more instruction?  My kids love it, and it is only $5/month, but I don't really want to shell out more money just so that my kids can dress their characters in different clothes.  They are going through the questions very quickly, and if I am going to pay, I need to know that there is a way to make sure they are not getting the same questions over and over.


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My son is another HUGE fan of this game, so I'm also curious about this. I'm looking at the membership page, and it says "access to all education content" is available to both free and paid users, and it looks (to me) like the only things you get with a membership are in-game goodies (things to make it "more fun," but not necessarily anything that makes it more educational). They claim "members learn more than non-members," but I wonder if that's because the heavy users are more likely to get the membership (so they'd be learning more anyway), or because it makes it more fun for the kids, so they use it more? I'm just guessing here, and would love to hear from someone who's actually bought the membership. :)

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We contacted the company to get further clarification of what the upgrade included.  Here was my message:


My kids love Prodigy, and they play it a lot, and they are lobbying for
membership. I see some information about all of the fun stuff that the
students get with membership. I am wondering if there is any educational
benefit to membership. I have noticed that they seem to be getting the same
questions over and over. And when I make an assignment, there are a limited
number of questions for each skill. If I pay for membership, will there be
a more diverse set of problems?




And here was Prodigy's response:


Thanks for contacting Prodigy Customer Support!

There are many benefits to membership, some more tangible than others. We never restrict access to our educational content. All of our users, members or not, will always have unrestricted access to our 20,000+ questions.

We do find that members tend to play longer and more often. Members get access to exclusive items and zones. Membership will remove the limitations on number of pets that can be caught and on how many team members can be brought into battle. This means that you can battle with a more diverse team that will all receive experience when battles are won. This really opens up the strategic elements of the game, allowing the player to level their wizards and pets faster.

Assignments are a good way to mix up the kinds of problems they are receiving. What I might say is that if they are receiving the same types of questions over and over, it may be because they are close to mastering the content they are receiving but might need a little assistance getting over the top. If they are answering roughly 70% of the questions correctly then a little help might get them to the point of mastery so they can move on.

This will be borne out in your reports. If you log in to your account (parent), select the reports tab and then select "student progress", you'll get a view of what material they've been working on and how they're performing on that material.

I hope this clarifies things. Let me know if you have any other questions!



As you can see, they rather avoided my question about how I can avoid having my kids get the same questions over and over.  So I assume that the question set doesn't change when you upgrade.  Consequently, all you get is more rewards.  I didn't think that it would be fair to my kids to just get the upgrade for a couple of months.  I would want at least a year's subscription.  But for the two kids, that would be $120.  And given that there didn't seem to be enough questions to last them that long, I didn't think it would be worth it.  

We have moved on to Khan Academy, which I am really happy with.  

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