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Elementary beginners science?

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How old are your kids?  I'm not quite sure what you mean by basic science. 




1.  Real Science Odyssey (open and go) - has a Life Science which may be what you are asking for

2.  Building Foundation of Scientific Understanding (this one is my spine, but it takes me a while to prepare a lesson)

3.  Then of course just picking a topic and reading a lot of books on it. 



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We used Real Science 4 Kids.  They have 10 week long chemistry, physics, earth science and biology courses at the elementary level.  Admittedly, they are short, but I love how they manage to take more complex ideas and explain them in a way that makes sense to young children.  The presentation is also very engaging, and the labs are easy, but informative and fun.  I wanted a longer course than just 10 weeks, so I supplemented with Janice VanCleave's experiement books (which I just love), various library books, Usborne science encyclopedias and a few other things.  It has worked out great and been a lot of fun.


One other option would be Mr. Q (http://www.eequalsmcq.com/).  It has full 36 week curriculum for each of chemistry, life science, earth science, and physical science.  The life science year you can download for free.  I haven't used them myself, but am waiting to see what he comes up with for middle school. I think they look like a lot of fun, and appear to have labs for each week, even though it didn't seem so obvious from the samples.  I hear they go on a half price sale in January.

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