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Black Friday Curriculum Freebies a $150 value


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Homeschool Freebies to the value of $150


What you will get:

Creative Freewriting Adventure $18.95 value

Quark Chronicles: Botany $19.95 value

Experience History Through Music Notebooking Pages set $12.95 value

Birds of a Feather Unit Study $17.95 value

The World of Vertebrates R25 value

For you they signed: A spiritual heritage of those who shaped our nation. $14.00 value

The Latin-Centered Curriculum - 1st Edition $12.95

Pirate unit study $7.00 value

Staling Sea Monsters $9.00 value

Notebookingpages bundle $120.85

Unlock the secrets of Compare and Contrast Writing $19.99 value


You can access the freebies at this link http://homeschoolgiveaways.com/bf-freebies/?c20396Le


Happy Black Friday all!

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I can't help but notice that about 5 or 6 of you need 5 friends for the second download.  If you guys got together and download each other's first download this will help.  Yes, you'll have the first download 4 extra times, but at least you would have succeeded. 


For example, HomeSchoolingHeartsand Mind will download from Idahohomeschooler, teeniebeenie6, Openhearted, Saddlemomma,and tiffaninicole. 

And then Idahohomeschooler will do the same, etc.  This should get you 5.  :)  A lot of work, but........


Only if this is legal.  Today was my first download there (or 2nd?).  So, I'm not familiar with Homeschoolgiveaways policies.

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It's a slow internet day.  The last time I did one of these things, I posted a link to FB and my referrals filled within 5 minutes, lol.


You can't download multiple times under different referral links---it's set up to not allow that (you have to enter your email, anyway). I suppose it would be possible to work around that by clearing your cache and using a different email, but that would no doubt be against the terms (and certainly against the spirit) of the thing.  ;)


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