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My dd's APD evaluation...

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My 7 yo dd had her evaluation for auditory processing disorder yesterday. I think it's worse than we thought, not necessarily the APD, but her learning challenges in general. We have a follow up appt in 2 weeks to discuss the results, but the audiologist did not have to score the tests to see that there is a serious problem. She told me to just go ahead and make an appt for comprehensive testing rather than waiting for the results.


Has anyone here gone to the educational psychology dept at NCSU? If so, were you pleased with the experience you had there?

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The last few days my mind has been going in circles about this. I think I finally calmed down enough to formulate a few questions.


What is the difference between an educational psychologist and a neuropsychologist?


Do they use the same tests?


A coworker told me that a neuropsych will give referrals for other specialists and therapy. Will an educational psychologist also do this?


If you've had tests by either of the above, was the information useful and practical? (This is my biggest misgiving; I have friends who spent quite a bit of money and felt they received nothing of value from their neuropsych.)


What kinds of questions do I need to ask?


If the APD evaluation points to what I already suspect (dyslexia that is at least moderate and probably severe), and I have a plan in place for that, would you go ahead with further testing or would you give it some time to see how the plan goes?



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I took some educational psychology courses as an undergraduate, and a former neighbor of mine was an edpsych professor. Unless there is someone VERY specialized in the EdPsych department that you would be seeing, I would go to a neuropsychologist for an evaluation of this nature.

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My boys had their np testing in August and Friday I will receive the results.


The np we have seen seems very helpful. He has already told me that he will not just say, "Your sons have a reading disorder." But rather, will spend time with me explaining what it all means, what resources we can use since we are homeschooling, and I know he works with the speech dept at a major University nearby.


So Friday I may have more definitive answers as far as, Was it worth it? But my experience thus far with the np is, "Yes."


(BTW, he also suspected both my boys have APD....)

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