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New Yorker's- Question about Grades,Quarterly & Transcript

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Okay, so my first quarterly is approaching quickly. I have a few questions. ( I did get a few answers in a different thread but that was buried)


First I'm not huge on grades but have been sort of keeping them, however the transcript I am using provides for grades for 1st and 2nd semester, so I am wondering should I only report  actual grades at 2nd quarterly and last? or each one? or if you give just a satisfactory evaluation, then how do report grades on transcripts?


How would you show credits that were received in 8th grade PS on a transcript that only shows 9-12 grades ??

DD has her French credit and also one for her elective for Rise of Nationalism class both from 8th grade in PS.

I am trying to do this in the simplest form and found a nice template but there is not room to add these in.


Also do you give grades for PE ? and show this on the transcripts? 


I am sure I will have more questions but for now..

Thank you! 

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Wouldn't the public school issue you a transcript for the high school level classes she took there?


They sent everything to the district where we live. Because I was driving her to a different school , when we started homeschooling they needed to do paperwork through the district where we live. However the BOCES now handles Homeschool paperwork for several schools. So I don't know if they have the original transcripts or not.

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