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Neuhaus Reading Readiness

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Does anyone know this program? The reading specialist at DDs school wants to do this with her at school. Along with PCI.




Also of note, her new PROMPT speech therapist wants to do "adapted" Barton 1. Not sure what that looks like yet, but I was impressed with her so I think I'll let her try.

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Neuhaus is an OG based reading program. Although "program" isn't really the right word. It is not a scripted, textbook or workbook based program like Barton or Wilson.

The Neuhaus Education Center is in Houston Texas and has provided teacher training for many years. I don't know that it is well known out side of Texas, but it is highly respected in the Houston area. In fact, when I was thing of going back to get my masters degree, I had decided that I wanted to go through the Masters program that Neuhaus offers in partnership with SMU.

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How did I miss this!  I'm excited your dd is getting PROMPT!!!  PROMPT is AWESOME.  I hope she's able to get a breakthrough.  It can take a long time, but it's worth the effort.  There was a mom with a non-verbal, highly gifted teen (12 or 14? I forget) who started. 


As far as the Barton, that's what we're doing now.  I blended LIPS (Lindamood Bell) and PROMPT and Barton, which was crazy, crazy powerful.  I mean, it was like we just got this direct line into his brain, pick up the telephone, hello, let's connect!  So maybe your SLP would like to bring the face pictures from LIPS into the mix?  I know our SLP was totally scared of it and rightly so in a way.  But it has been really good for us.  


So yes, we sort of do violence to Barton.  I took her sequence for the lessons 1-5 of level 1 and went through the entire sequence every time we added more letters.  So just a few sounds but taking them through all the steps.  


Barton has them needing to do isolated speech and PROMPT is all about getting the sounds immediately into words and use.  Our SLP never slowed down and worked on isolated sounds and didn't want us to because it screws with the motor planning.  Oh well, reading is also a virtue.


For ds, it seemed like the ST was SO much of a brain drain.  I think part of the reason we're making progress now is we haven't gotten any therapy for a month or two.  We did TONS of therapy up to that point (way more than normal, like double sessions weekly) and now we're just riding it out.  I'm saying that so you consider how incredibly hard your dd is working and give her breaks or not expect as much or expect some meltdowns.  I can make my ds melt with Barton if I'm not careful.  We only work in 10 minute spurts.


So was your looking into AAR pre on the K-8 board for your non-verbal dd or for your littles?  If it's for your non-verbal dd, I honestly wouldn't.  I would find out who is doing the parent training session for PROMPT, attend, sit in on every therapy session, ask the SLP to teach you the prompts so you can help her at home, and get LIPS.  For us that combo of LIPS, Barton, and PROMPT was insanely powerful.


There's also a method of working with non-verbal individuals.  It's called Rapid Prompting, and I found the book very inspiring.  It's a little $$ but maybe you can find it.  I borrowed our copy from the SLP.  

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OhE, no no, AAR for the littles. You must have seen the post I did earlier. I have a new (non-verbal)'student who is stumping me. DD is quite verbal. I've heard about rapid prompting; the place I work for doesn't like it, so it's out for this situation.

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