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Looking for board game recs, good for travel


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Looking for board games that the girls can take to play while we visit DH in the hospital. We have quite a few card games already, but open to suggestions. Our favorite board game to play with Daddy is Blokus, but it is NOT travel-friendly. :)



2-4 players, adults and kids

Easy to take back and forth (no small parts to lose in transit - looking at you, Blokus!)

Fun to play again and again

Doesn't take up much room (we have Skip Bo, Phase 10, but they require card spread...)


The girls love Uno, so we have that. We also have a regular deck for War, Go Fish.

The girls are young enough they get antsy when we visit, but I don't want to just stick them on the iPad or TV when we're there; I want the to have some quality time with DH, when he's up to it.

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Guess Who has a travel version that my kids loved at age 6. It's nicely designed too (unlike many travel versions).


We like a lot of ipad board game versions if you happen to have an ipad. It's nice to be able to pop out a game that's usually a complex set up like Ticket to Ride or Labyrinth and play on the go.

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Do you have a tablet? 


There are several game apps that you can download.  It does change the feel of a game to play it electronically, but it can be an easy way to have some variety without carrying a bunch of games around.


Also, have you asked the hospital if they have games?  Hospitals that have dedicated children's wards, often have games to loan out.

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We have Life on the iPad.  Life is a favorite board game with too may pieces to travel, but the iPad version is fun and easy to travel.  We also have the iPad version of Monopoly.  Both are for multiple players.


I would also suggest Catch Phrase, but the kids might be too young, and the game might be too boisterous.  

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I second Fluxx. Sleeping Queens is also good in the hospital; it doesn't take up a lot of room. We've taught a lot of hospital personnel to play it, and it would be good for your girls. ;)


ETA: Oops, I see that Sleeping Queens was already recommended too.


We also have a travel version of Catan which we usually take to the hospital, but are your girls experienced with Catan?

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